Viewing Elementary grades for grade levels 2-5

Submitted 4/22/2020 in FAQs

Due to the shutdown of campuses and at home learning, parents of Elementary students will be viewing grades slightly differently for the 4th 9 weeks. See the linked document for detailed instructions. 

Student Username and Password

Submitted 7/31/2019 in FAQs

LISD is generating a temporary password for each student this year. You and your student can view the temporary password in Skyward Family/ Student Access.

  • Passwords for grades PK4-5 are displayed. Teachers can change the password for the student, but the student cannot change their own.
  • Students in grades 6-12 are not displayed because they can change to one of their own choosing.
  • Students in grades 6-12 can change the password at any time to one of their choosing, following LISD password rules.
  1. Log into Skyward Family/ Student Access ( >> Skyward Icon at the top of the page or through the Mobile App)
  2. Select the PORTFOLIO Option in the menu.
  3. Click on the report: "Student Username and Password".
  4. The report will run to a PDF file you can view, download or print. (Printing is not provided in Skyward but rather in your PDF viewer)