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Class rank opt out instructions:

  1. Log into Family Access (only the parent accounts work- students cannot fill out this form)
  2. Select the option on the left menu: Online Forms.
  3. For the selected student, choose: Class Rank not on Transcript.
  4. Select Step 1 and complete the form (marking a check in the box indicates you DO NOT want rank to display on the transcript).
  5. Save the form and move to step 2.
  6. Submit the form after verifying your information.


Welcome to the Lewisville ISD Family Access Parent/ Student Helpdesk

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We have a 1 page quick reference for those new to Family Access: Skyward Family Access Quick Reference
Tenemos un 1 página de referencia rápida para los nuevos en Family Access: Skyward Family Access de referencia rápida

Do not know your username or password?

Use the Forgot Login/ Password on the login page.

1. Enter your email.

2. The system will send you the username and a password reset option.

3. If your email is not recognized or you do not receive the email, contact the campus for this information.

Forms- Quick Guide

Submitted 4/3/2014 in FAQs
Short Video from Skyward

LISD provides certain forms to completed each year. Listed below are some things you need to be aware of regarding forms:
> Some of the forms may have a defined time period to fill these out online. The link will be removed when that period closes.
> For several forms, once filled out, only need to be reviewed and edited (if needed) each year.
> The forms process requires you to mark each form completed as your digital signature to the content of the forms. This has to be completed each year and will be monitored by the campus.
> After marking a form completed, you can open the form for editing. After saving, you will need to mark it completed and perform the Final Submission step again as well.
> Only members of the 1st Family of the student can fill out forms. If you need to make changes to your family information, please contact the campus.

Accessing Forms
1. Log into Family Access.
2. A notification on the main page will appear for each student who have not been marked completed.
3. You can access forms in the notification OR at any time by selecting the link on the left menu: 20xx-20xx Forms Packet.

Completing the Forms

NOTE:If there is information such as an address which you cannot update on a form, please contact the campus to change that information.

1. Select the link to the right for each form. The form will display on this page.
NOTE: You can chose to view it in full screen at the top right or print it using the button on the top left of the form.

2. Review each field carefully and make changes. Enter information if it is missing.
NOTE: Required fields will warn you if they are not completed and will highlight the missing field.

3. Scroll to the bottom of each form and select the option: "Complete Step X and move to step X" to mark the form completed. This serves as your electronic signature.
NOTE:  Links to outside sites must be accessed before you can mark that step completed.

4. You can chose the step to pay the fees within the forms process. If you have previously paid the fees you can mark the step completed or skip the step. It is optional and will say that it is "Skipped" when you submit the forms.

5. You must complete the last step in order to submit the entire set of forms to the campus.
NOTE: You can fill out forms in any order and leave and return. The system will remember your completed steps. If you do not complete the last step, the campus will not have verification that you completed all forms!

Editing Forms After Marking Them Completed
  1. Select the forms packet link on the left menu and choose the student.
  2. Mark the forms as "Not Complete"
  3. Select the step and choose “Edit Step x” and make your changes.
  4. Mark the step completed using the “Mark Step x Completed” option.
  5. You will need to complete the final step again and choose "Close and Finish", otherwise the campus will show that you have NOT completed the forms.

LISD Student ePortfolio

Submitted 11/7/2016 in FAQs

ePortfolios are a valuable LISD district initiative the supports student growth and reflection. Students in grades 4-12 will be providing the address for their portfolio in a form available to them through their Skyward Student Access. Students who completed the form last year will see the URL field already completed. students will simply mark the form completed this year after verifying the link to be accurate. The link will be shared with parents and LISD staff so they can access and view the work they store there. Instructions for Students and Parents are described below:


1. Login to the web version of Skyward student access. ( >> Skyward link at top of page >> Skyward Family Access login >> Your network username and password.) This feature is currently not available for the Mobile App.

2. Select the link to the form from the announcement on the wall or by selecting Online Forms >> LISD ePortfolio from the left menu.

NOTE: if you completed the form last year, the URL field should already be filled in. check the link to make sure it is accurate.

3. Review the instructions and select the link to the right for STEP #1. The form will display on this page.
NOTE: You can chose to view it in full screen at the top right or print it using the button on the top left of the form.

4. Read the instructions and copy and paste the address into the field provided or if you have already done so previously, check to make sure it is correct.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the form and select the option: "Complete Step 1 and Move to Step 2" to mark the form completed. This serves as your electronic signature.

6. You must complete Step 2 in order to submit the form to the campus.


Parents do not directly see the form for the student in their access. They can access the link by viewing the Student Highlights in the Portfolio link in Family Access (the location where Report cards and Transcripts are located as well)


1. Log in to Family Access: >> Skyward link at top of page >> Skyward Family Access login >> Your Family Access username and password.

NOTE: If you do not know your Family Access login, you can contact the campus for that information or you can use the forgot login/ password link located on the Skyward Family Access Login page to have the system send it to you. If you do not have a current email address for your account, please contact the campus.

2. Select the "Portfolio" link on the left of the page.

3. Find the Portfolio- highlights area. Select the note symbol next to the highlight: "Student ePortfolio Link"

4. Click on the "link" in the note.


1. Access your Mobile App and login using your Family Access Account.

2.  Choose the Menu. (three lines in upper right hand corner)

3. Select the Full menu. (the third link from the left)

4. Select Portfolio.

5. Choose the "Highlights" tab.

6. Locate the Highlight: Student ePortfolio Link

7. Select the down arrow to view the note. Click on the link located there.

Lewisville ISD Family Access Support

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The Lewisville ISD Skyward Support Department is using this system to allow parents to get help with using Skyward Family Access. If you have a question regarding Family Access:

  1. Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the right. You can search by keyword, browse the latest topics or open the complete list.
  2. If you do not find your answer there, please feel free to submit a ticket. Though you may submit a ticket at any time, our office hours are: Monday- Friday, 7:30 - 4:30. We do not provide support on Weekends or during School Holidays, but will respond to your ticket promptly upon our return to regular office hours.

NOTE: You do NOT have to create an account to use this site, just submit a ticket with your email address. If you wish to track tickets and view a history of your requests, you can create an account to do so.