Campus Transfer Requests

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If your student is currently enrolled at an LISD campus on a transfer or you wish to request a transfer, please review the requirements and terms as listed on the LISD Community Services web site. If you are enrolling your student using the Skyward New Student Enrollment option, you will need to view the directions located in the application.

LISD Community Services Transfer Information

To request a transfer for the first time or to renew your request, please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: The links described below are only open at certain times of the year. You will need to reference the request dates listed on the website above.

  1. Log into Skyward Family Access using your Family Access account. NOTE: if you do not know your login information, please review this article.
  2. Select the option:  Fill out Online Form in the announcement in the center of the page,"20xx-20xx Transfer Request...." . (alternate instructions: Select Online Forms on the left menu and choose the form there.)
  3. Read the instructions on the resulting page.
  4. Select Step 1 on the right and follow the link to the website (opens in a new window) to review the qualifications, terms and conditions.
  5. At the bottom of the screen for the step, select: "Complete Step 1 and move to Step 2".
  6. Select Step 2 and if this is the first time to fill out a form, select "Yes" to add a new form. If forms are listed from previous year, select "Add" to create a new blank form. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT DELETE OR ALTER FORMS FOR PREVIOUS YEARS! You can edit the form for the current year if you are returning to the form during the current year request window.
  7. Complete the form. At the bottom of the form, select: "Complete Step 2 and move the Step 3"
  8. You can PRINT the form using the button (Save and Print) in the top right of the form.
  9. At step 3 of the procedure, review the completion of each step and then SUBMIT the application.
  10. You will receive a confirmation email to the address listed for you in the "My Account" settings at the top of the Family Access screen.
If you would like to view a short demonstration of the process, please click here.

Welcome to the Lewisville ISD Family Access Parent/ Student Helpdesk

Submitted 4/3/2014 in Announcements
We have a 1 page quick reference for those new to Family Access: Skyward Family Access Quick Reference
Tenemos un 1 página de referencia rápida para los nuevos en Family Access: Skyward Family Access de referencia rápida

Do not know your username or password?

Use the Forgot Login/ Password on the login page.

1. Enter your email.

2. The system will send you the username and a password reset option.

3. If your email is not recognized or you do not receive the email, contact the campus for this information.

Lewisville ISD Family Access Support

Submitted 4/2/2014 in Announcements

The Lewisville ISD Skyward Support Department is using this system to allow parents to get help with using Skyward Family Access. If you have a question regarding Family Access:

  1. Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the right. You can search by keyword, browse the latest topics or open the complete list.
  2. If you do not find your answer there, please feel free to submit a ticket. Though you may submit a ticket at any time, our office hours are: Monday- Friday, 7:30 - 4:30. We do not provide support on Weekends or during School Holidays, but will respond to your ticket promptly upon our return to regular office hours.

NOTE: You do NOT have to create an account to use this site, just submit a ticket with your email address. If you wish to track tickets and view a history of your requests, you can create an account to do so.