ONLINE FORMS: Correcting the form AFTER submission

Submitted 7/23/2020 in FAQs

Editing forms after submission

  1. Log into the WEB VERSION of Family Access ( >> Families tab >> Skyward Family Access)
  2. Select from the left menu: ONLINE FORMS.
  3. At the top of the screen, select: Mark as not completed and make changes.
  4. Select the step that has the form needing to be changed.
  5. Select: Edit Step X. (use the “View Full Screen” Option if you do not see edit)
  6. Make changes to the form and then select: Complete Step X and Move to Step X.
  7. Select the last step and submit the form packet.

Family Access Quick Reference

Submitted 2/11/2015 in FAQs

Attached to this article is a quick reference page for Parent Access with some of the most commonly used features highlighted.

Skyward Family Access 1 Page Quick Reference (English)

Skyward Family Access 1 Page Quick Reference (Spanish)

Student Username and Password

Submitted 7/31/2019 in FAQs

In some cases,  you and your student can view the username and password in Skyward Family/ Student Access.

  • Passwords for grades PK4-5 are displayed. Teachers can change the password for the student, but the student cannot change their own.
  • Students in grades 6-12 are only displayed UNTIL they change to one of their own choosing.
  • Students in grades 6-12 can change the password at any time to one of their choosing, following LISD password rules, OR Each teachers for the student can change the password for them to a temporary one.
  1. Log into Skyward Family/ Student Access ( >> Skyward Icon at the top of the page or through the Mobile App)
  2. Select the PORTFOLIO Option in the menu.
  3. Click on the report: "Student Username and Password".
  4. The report will run to a PDF file you can view, download or print. (Printing is not provided in Skyward but rather in your PDF viewer)