Submitted 4/30/2021 in Announcements

We have received numerous reports this morning about parents not being able to access the mobile app using their Family Access Login. We have submitted a support ticket to Skyward in this regards as we have no direct support ability for the App. Your account should still be working in the Web based version of Skyward family access. You can access that link by going to the LISD web site ( and select the "A+ Grades" icon on the right hand side of the screen. If you do not remember your password or username, you can use the forgot login/ password link located on the login page for the Family Access login to have the system send an email with your username and a password reset option.

ONLINE FORMS: Correcting the form AFTER submission

Submitted 7/23/2020 in FAQs

Editing forms after submission

  1. Log into the WEB VERSION of Family Access ( >> Families tab >> Skyward Family Access)
  2. Select from the left menu: ONLINE FORMS.
  3. At the top of the screen, select: Mark as not completed and make changes.
  4. Select the step that has the form needing to be changed.
  5. Select: Edit Step X. (use the “View Full Screen” Option if you do not see edit)
  6. Make changes to the form and then select: Complete Step X and Move to Step X.
  7. Select the last step and submit the form packet.

Family Access Quick Reference

Submitted 2/11/2015 in FAQs

Attached to this article is a quick reference page for Parent Access with some of the most commonly used features highlighted.

Skyward Family Access 1 Page Quick Reference (English)

Skyward Family Access 1 Page Quick Reference (Spanish)

Student Username and Password

Submitted 7/31/2019 in FAQs

In some cases,  you and your student can view the username and password in Skyward Family/ Student Access.

  • Passwords for grades PK4-5 are displayed. Teachers can change the password for the student, but the student cannot change their own.
  • Students in grades 6-12 are only displayed UNTIL they change to one of their own choosing.
  • Students in grades 6-12 can change the password at any time to one of their choosing, following LISD password rules, OR Each teachers for the student can change the password for them to a temporary one.
  1. Log into Skyward Family/ Student Access ( >> Skyward Icon at the top of the page or through the Mobile App)
  2. Select the PORTFOLIO Option in the menu.
  3. Click on the report: "Student Username and Password".
  4. The report will run to a PDF file you can view, download or print. (Printing is not provided in Skyward but rather in your PDF viewer)