I forgot or do not know my Username or Password

Submitted 4/2/2014 by LISD Skyward Support

Skyward provides an individual account for each parent connected to each of your students. There is no means for parents to create their own account.

To request a Password reset link and username be sent to you by email:

1. Access the LISD Home Page, select the Parent Tab and click on the Skyward Family Access link.

2. On the resulting page, choose the Family Access login link at the top of the announcement area.

3. On the login page, choose:"Forgot your Login/Password?" Link.

4, The system will ask for a username or email address to send the reset link to. NOTE: This is going to send to the email address in our system for you. If that was never entered or has not been updated, you will not receive the email.

5. When you receive the email, follow the instructions and reset your password. The email will also have your username listed in it.

NOTE: if more than one person shares an email address you will receive multiple emails. Students with your email address will not allow for the resetting of the password.

If you do not receive the email or the link does not work as expected, please contact the campus and request a new password. At that time, have them check the email address for accuracy. NOTE: The campus will likely require proof of identity to perform this for you. They are required to secure student information to the best of their ability for your student's protection.