Course Requests

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Skyward provided video demonstrating Course Requests.

Online Course Requests

Online course requests in Skyward are available using the student login. Most campuses do not open course requests for parent access. If you have questions about how your student's campus has elected to allow course requests, you will need to contact your student's counselor. The student can choose their first choice in classes as well as alternates.

Accessing the Course Requests

1.      Access the LISD home page (

2.      Select Skyward at the top of the page.

3.      Select: Family Access Login and use your network username and password.

4.      Choose the Schedule menu item.

5.      Select: Request Courses for 2019-2020…

Selecting courses

1.      Search for the course by course number or by the description.

2.      Highlight the course. (click the course number for credits, description and terms)

3.      Select: Add Course. After a brief pause, the course will add to the selected courses.

4.      Total credits display at the top of the screen.

Selecting Alternates

1.      Choose: Request Alternates.

2.      Search by course and add as you did previously.

3.      They appear in order selected. You can use the arrows to change the order of your preferences.

Saving and printing your selections

The system is saving your selections as they are made. You can leave the page and return to it and what you chose will be displayed. You can print using the Printer Icon in the upper right hand corner.