Submitted 4/3/2014 by LISD Skyward Support

The gradebook link allows a parent to see the following for each of their students:

> Averages for the current and past grading periods (current with the teacher's gradebook)

> Missing Assignments

> Link to email an individual teacher (Use "Post Message" on main page for more options)

> Ability to click an average to see individual assignments which contributed to that average.

Accessing the Gradebook

1. Select a student at the top of the page or leave selected to see all.

2. Select the Gradebook link in the main menu.

3. Note any grade related announcements at the top of the page.

4. Choose to hide or display any dropped classes or past grading periods. (Current grade period is highlighted in yellow)

5. Column headings are briefly explained in the image below. For a more detailed description, please access the grade code key.

To Access Assignment or Skills details

Skyward has two types of Grade books:

> Secondary: Grade are based on assignments with numeric grades which are averaged based on weighted categories

> Standard Based: Defined skills are scored based on standards represented by a letter. There are NO averages, each skill stands alone.

1. Click on any grade average in blue or select the arrow symbol next to the class name to see the details of the assignments.

2. If the notebook symbol appears, that indicates it is a "Standards" based class. The details of skills in that selection will be shown when selected or you can use the drop down arrow next to the class name .

Change the display options for grading periods

Skyward will only display the current term grades by default. You can change that setting.

1. Log into Family Access.
2. Select the "Gradebook" option on the left menu.
3. For the student you wish to view,  select the option at the top of the grade table: Display Options.
4. Select current only or current and previous.