Report Cards and Transcripts in the Student Portfolio

Submitted 4/21/2014 by LISD Skyward Support
The student portfolio link provides access to documents like Report Cards that have been placed there for your convenience. Instructions for accessing this on the web version and Mobile APP are listed below:


1. Login to Skyward Family Access.

2. Select a student or leave all selected.

3. Select: Portfolio.

4. Select the report you wish to view (report card names generally begin with a year or the 9 week).

NOTE: Some campuses require an electronic "signature" and an additional screen may open which will provide information regarding this. DETAILS.


1. Select the report and sign it electronically if required (see above).

2. Choose: "View Report"  to open and save or print the document.


1. Log into the mobile app.
2. Choose the menu (three lines in the top right hand corner).
3. Choose the student and then "Portfolio".
4. Select the report card and choose: "Print".
5. The status will update as the file first runs, then updates as completed.
6. At that point, select "download".
7. The device will open the PDF into whatever viewer is defined on the device for this task. We cannot support that portion of the process.