Send a Message to Teachers

Submitted 4/29/2014 by LISD Skyward Support

LISD Skyward Family Access provides the ability to email teachers on the first page at the top of the screen. It is called "Post A Message" and allows you to send messages to the teachers.
1. Start by clicking in the "Post a Message" box.

2. Enter the message and a subject. (optional)

3. When you select the "Regarding" box you can select one or more of your students. (leaving blank assumes for all)

4. When you click in the "To" box, you can select individual teachers for the current or all terms or choose to select "All" to send to all of the teachers for the current term or all terms depending on the tab you are viewing.

5. Choose "Post" to send the message to the Teacher Message Center.

NOTE: The message is NOT sent to the teacher's district mailbox. It is sent to their Message Center. They see a notification of the pending messages in their gradebook and are asked to check this on a regular basis.