Declaring an Endorsement

Submitted 4/7/2015 by LISD Skyward Support

Students in the 10th grade and below are required to choose an endorsement to their graduation plan.


  1. Students login to their Skyward Student Access account using their LISD network username and password. The link to Skyward Student Access is available under the Student Tab on the LISD Home Page.
  2. Click the Endorsements link in the menu on the left.
  3. Select the option “Declare an Endorsement”.
  4. Click the drop down menu for the Endorsement and select your option.
  5. Drop down the selection menu for "Option" to choose the option for your endorsement.
  6. Check the box “I Agree” to indicate you agree to the terms of the Electronic Signature Statement. (this will insert your name as the signature)
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom to complete the process.

NOTE: If you wish to declare more than one endorsement you can choose "Add" on this screen. This is not required.

PARENT SIGNATURE (if required by campus)

  1. Log into the web page version of Skyward Family Access. (not available on the mobile app) NOTE: If you do not know your Family access login, you can have the system send your username and a password reset using the "Forgot Login/ Username" link located on the Skyward Family Access Login page.
  2. Select the student at the top of the page for whom you need to sign the endorsement.
  3. Choose the Endorsement option on the left menu.
  4. Choose the "Sign" option locate beneath your student's endorsement choice.
  5. Choose: "I agree". It will insert your name and the date.
  6. Select: Submit Signature.