Sign Report Cards

Submitted 10/20/2017 by LISD Skyward Support

Accessing and signing Report Cards

Each 9 weeks a new report is posted to the Skyward Student Portfolio. Some campuses require a signature by guardians confirming they have accessed the report.

  1. Log into the WEB VERSION of Skyward Family Access (eSign is not available on the Mobile App) and select the Portfolio link.
  2. Select the latest report card version. If the column, eSigned, has a N/A listed for that report, it does not require a signature and you can simply click on it to print the report. NOTE: The first guardian in the Family to access and sign the report will change the value to "yes" in that field. It will not prompt for a signature again if you or another guardian access the report at a later time.
  3. Please read the electronic signature statement.
  4. Place a check mark in the "I agree" box.
  5. Select: Submit Signature. The report will begin to generate and can be printed when the print link appears on the screen. 
    NOTE: Selecting "View Report" will not submit your signature. It is a means of viewing the report card WITHOUT signing for it. You will not receive credit for having signed the report card even if you select the agreement.

The campus can view your signature and may run reports to see who has not signed for them. You can return to this page and sign for the version at any time even if you previously just viewed the report.