Adding or Editing Emergency Contacts

Submitted 11/8/2017 by LISD Skyward Support

Emergency contacts are persons that may or may not be guardians of a student whom the school can contact in an emergency. The Primary guardian has direct control over the order of the contacts and the delete of contacts. Other guardians can add contacts as well.

  1. Login to Family Access using your Parent account in the WEB VERSION of Skyward (not available in the app).
  2. Select: Student Info in the menu on the left of the page.
  3. For the selected student, Choose the option: Request Changes for.....
  4. Select:  Emergency Contacts (to edit existing contact information), Change the order or Add Contacts (up to a total of 8)
  5. For each contact, make sure to provide at least 1 phone number (cannot edit if this is a guardian in district), relationship and ability to pick up. You can also add a note if needed for further clarification.
  6. Save all changes.

NOTE: Each guardian can add contacts. If there is more than 1 family associated with a student, the 2nd family can only add emergency contacts. The Primary Family has the ability to see and delete these contacts.