Viewing the GPA/ Rank verification for students who have opted out of displaying rank on the transcript

Submitted 11/14/2018 by LISD Skyward Support

IF you selected to remove the display of rank on the student HS transcript, you can see the actual GPA and rank values in the Student Portfolio as described in the instructions below. If you did not choose that option during the provided window, you can no longer indicate that for your student and the default status of "Show rank" is in place. You can see the rank on all transcripts including the Student Copy printed to the portfolio.

  1. Log into Family Access (this is also available in Student Access)
  2. Select: GPA/ Rank Verification.
  3. The report will generate (in PDF format) and a link to it will appear when it is finished.
The report shows the current rank and the GPA value on which it is determined.